The sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes. However, the first consultation could be a little more extensive, since the osteopath will ask the patient a series of questions to look into the patient's medical history. After that, the number of sessions for an osteopathic treatment will depend on each patient, since each person is a unique being.

It should be mentioned that acute problems or emergencies need to be treated, immediately, at a Hospital.

"An Osteopath is not a healer, it is one who can offer the patient a way to 'introspection', a greater connection with himself, with his body, his emotions and thoughts, and that can give the patient an opportunity to recover his health. The strength of each person - his vitality - the true desire of the patient and his/her awareness can produce the cure of the symptoms and / or diseases. The osteopath participates in this process with his hands, his presence, his anatomical, physiological and osteopathic knowledge..." 

That is why this is what the osteopath seeks:

"Allow the physiological functioning to manifest within its own power, instead of applying a blind force without intelligence from the outside."

— Dr. William Garner Sutherland


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"Thank you for letting me observe you as you heal yourselves."
Dr. Rollin E. Becker