Osteopathy Training in Costa Rica


The Center for Osteopathic Studies of Buenos Aires (CEOB), Argentina, opens the Training in Osteopathy in Costa Rica.

Beginning date of the Osteopathy Training in Costa Rica: April 6 to 10, 2018.

The Osteopathy Training course is open to everyone. No prior experience in the field of health is required.

The training will last three years, and will consist of theoretical and practical seminars of five days per seminar.

History of CEOB

The Center for Osteopathic Studies in Buenos Aires and Patagonia was founded in 2004. Its goal is to teach and disseminate osteopathic medicine which respects the human being in its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world.

Osteopathy as a holistic concept, has its basis in the laws of nature, which shows us each day its constant purpose for restoring harmony.

In the year 1874, Andrew Taylor Still chose to call this new concept "osteopathy".

The union of the concepts "osteo" -bones- and "pathos" - illness or suffering - means that illness comes from within, and also its resolution, health. The patient is responsible for his health and responsible for his illnesses!

This was a revolutionary concept in the days of Still, at the end of the nineteenth century, it remains a revolutionary concept to this day.

The proposal to open a new training in osteopathy was motivated by the intention to teach the holistic tradition of osteopathy according to its founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.

With the impulse to show this vision, CEOB began sharing with its first students the thoughts and works of the founders of osteopathy, such as Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, W. G. Sutherland D.O., Rollin Becker D.O. And Dr. Viola Frymann D.O.

About the training

Students who participate in the training will learn to communicate, through their hands, with the body of the patient. They will learn the physiology of the musculoskeletal system and the possible tensions and / or densities in a state of disease.

They will be able to discover the biomechanical movements and the subtle movements of the vitality of each tissue, as well as coming into contact with the body's fluids.

In the course of the training students will learn to evaluate the position of the organs, and the different sensations and movements. With the study of anatomy and physiology, as well as the practice of palpation, students will know about the unity of the body and feel the interrelationships of the craniosacral system with the viscera and musculoskeletal system.

The seminars offer participants the possibility of practicing and applying new knowledge immediately, which will be favorable for the experience with their hands in learning palpation, which is known as the dialogue between the practitioner and the tissue.

Those who participate will learn to respect the patient as a whole, as well as himself/herself. They will learn about a form of observation and anamnesis, which is, the interrogation of their patient, in order to approach the cause of the symptoms.

The training offers the students a gradual development , in theoretical and practical format, within each seminar. At the end of each year the students have the opportunity to show their experiences and knowledge, through practical and theoretical exams.

Since osteopathy is a holistic concept that respects the person as a whole, in his body, emotions, soul and spirit, it is important that people who wish to learn this form of treatment understand that an osteopath does not apply manual techniques repetitively, or external forces as remedies or abrupt maneuvers, but will always seek to adapt their knowledge and sensitivity, respecting the rhythms and timing, as well as the personal limits of each patient.

Throughout the training, students will have access to a broad approach to the concept of health and illness, as well as the important role of patient’s awareness in the healing process.

Training directors and teachers:

Ana Callone:  D.O Diplomado de Collège d ‘ Ètudes Ostèopatiques de Montrèal, CEO, 1994.

Ralph Fuhrmann:  Osteópata diplomado en el Deustches Osteopathiekolleg, DOK, Alemania, 1998.

Angela Adamo: Osteópata diplomada en Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007.

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"For the excavator to take the time necessary to dream and the dreamer who will awaken and dig, the science of osteopathy will unfold with a magnitude that will equal that of the heavens."

- Dr. William Garner Sutherland

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