About me

My name is Ana Belen Oriana, I received a degree in Osteopathy in 2014, at the Center for Osteopathic Studies in Buenos Aires and Patagonia, where I am currently doing the Postgraduate in Osteopathy.

As an osteopath, my role is to be a passive observer in the patient's process, accompanying him/her with respect, empathy and patience during the treatment, and facilitating the self-healing forces within him/herself.

In addition to treating patients in my office, I am coordinating the Osteopathy Training in Costa Rica.

Ana Belén Oriana, Osteopath.

Ana Belén Oriana, Osteopath.

"The body itself can recover from displacements, disorders, and consequent diseases, and regain the balance of form and function for strength and health."

- Dr. Andrew Taylor Still